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Professional Services geared to Israeli Market:

Income Tax Consultation for Employees

Preparation of Income Tax returns for employees who are entitled to a tax refund, especially those employed by the government. This service is rendered to employees from all over the country.

Bookkeeping Services for Businesses and not for profit organizations

This service expands beyond accurate recording of business transactions. We monitor the business activity, and provide guidance and advice how to operate the business more efficiently and how to increase profitability. We invest heavily in technology, in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency. We have direct access to the Israeli tax authority’s data base and the Israeli National Insurance Institute (“Bituach Leumi”).

Payroll Service

We operate as a full payroll service agent on behalf of our clients, including consultation in the area of employment law and Bituch-Leumi benefits.

Representation of taxpayers with the Israeli tax authorities and Bituach Leumi

We have direct access to our clients’ data files, we can input data, and have direct correspondence with the government representatives via sophisticated computer communication systems. This enables us to get good results on behalf of our clients in a relatively short time. Our digital services include registration of new businesses, making payments on their behalf, filing various tax reports, and resolving issues in dispute.

Statement of Assets and Liabilities for Israeli Tax Authorities on behalf of individual taxpayers (called “hatzharat Hon”)

This service is rendered to self -employed individuals and owners of private companies.

Certificate of Good standing for not for profit organization, called “Isur Nihul Takin”

We help our clients to provide all required documents.

Audit Services

Preparation of audited financial statements for private companies and not for profit organizations

Tax Services geared to USA

Eli Jacoby is an active member in New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants (NYSSCPA), and has an active license from New York State Education Department (NYSED) to practice in public accounting. We specialize in tax services related to USA, represent taxpayers with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and are authorized tax returns e-filers. Our Services include:

U.S. citizens who reside in Israel are generally obligated to file income tax returns on yearly basis, even though they are non us residents. Most employees have to file.

Any US citizen, green card holder or US resident, must file this report each year on line, if the aggregate balance of all his financial accounts outside the US was more than 10,000 dollars, even one day during the year. Our firm e-file these reports on behalf of our clients. During recent years various laws were enacted by USA and later by Israel that make it almost impossible not to file FBAR. Tax payers may be subject to heavy penalties and even to criminal charges for non-compliance with these filling requirements. Contact our firm to help you in this important report.

Our business belief

Our business philosophy is to provide efficient and on time professional services, using our expertise in accounting and taxation. We stress personal and kind approach. We specialize in small and midsize businesses, provide them personal advice and direction, in order to make the business more efficient, productive, innovative and cost effective. We try to achieve all these goals in reasonable prices. This philosophy is implemented by being involved in our client’s business plans, helping them identify business opportunities and operational segments that require improvement. We also make referral to outside consultants if necessary.

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